The cryptocurrency market shows growth. The exchange rate of bitcoin exceeded $9000

The cryptocurrency market shows growth. The exchange rate of bitcoin exceeded $9000

Skeptics, put an end to the first world's cryptocurrency, bite elbows. Today, April 21, 2018 the exchange rate of bitcoin has reached $9000. The bullish trend continued, and even with minor setbacks it is unlikely to be able to cope. At the peak price reached $ 9069. In the short term, expect the trend change (affected the bottom line)

Evaluating the market in General is easy to see that all of the top ten Coinmarketcap on the rise. In the top 10 there is an interesting race ahead between Litecoin and EOS. Not competing on cost, these two Aldona fight for fifth place of the ranking. LTC lost again with a market capitalization of $8527741004 against $8892782131.Rose and the total capitalization of the stock market. She slowly moves towards $400 billion. Interestingly, the index of dominance BTC remains within the limits of 38.6%, which is relatively little.курсы криптовалют график

Take a look at the overall situation closer. Bitcoin daily growth rate was 5.95%. BCH shows an even more obvious success of 13.33%. Interestingly, in the top twenty bad things only OmiseGo. Altcon lost 0.83 percent and held on the 19th place. In the back he breathes BNB from the exchange Binance. In the top 30 there are still three players that still no luck. This Verge, poteryashka percent after working with porn sites, Bytecoin and Bytom.

Analysts were once again at a crossroads. Picture of crypto-rating seems optimistic for many tokens. But how long will manage to sustain growth? It has a positive impact on the arrival of a major, including institutional investors, such as prominent hedge funds. But the strengthening of the stopping position of the regulators and the ambiguous legal status of digital assets.</p>

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