What the hell is SEELE and why it is called

What the hell is SEELE and why it is called "bloccano new generation"?

In the world of the blockchain, among cryptographic algorithms there are three "Achilles ' heel", which actively fights the founder of Ethereum'and he Buterin (eng. Vitalik Buterin).

Such problems are: scalability, efficiency, and network security.

Because of the impossibility of solving the above nuances, developers of cryptocurrency startups have to hardforce, which, incidentally, do not always end well for the project.

The guys from cryptocurrency project Seele (SEELE) are trying to solve urgent problems by introducing "neural Algorithm of consensus and ε-differential agreement".

In more simple words, this is an algorithmic process that performs the point coordination on the blockchain network.

It is reported that the technology Seele is able to handle up to a million transactions per second. For example, the bitcoin network is capable of handling up to 5, up to 30 Ethereum and Arcblock to 100 thousand transactions per second.

In addition, it is noted that this kind of transaction can occur in secondary blockchains, not only on Mainnet network Seele, plus, the expected introduction of the functional interaction between different blockchains for Seele to each other.

Now the project is in the testing stage, and she MainNet will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The total issue of tokens equals 1 billion Seele SEELE tokens.

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