Service, Crystal police officer in the world of cryptocurrency

Service, Crystal police officer in the world of cryptocurrency

In January 2018, the company Bitfury Group, engaged in software development on the technology of the blockchain, introduced their service Crystal. The main purpose of the new development Bitfury - investigation of cybercrimes committed in the blockchain BTC.bitfury group

Crystal will allow individual experts and representatives of law enforcement agencies to track the movement of cryptocurrency by causing doubt transactions. Such movement can be tracked to the final destination or to the point where the sale of tokens.

According to the developers, despite the fact that the technology of the blockchain every day becoming more and more popular, the States and numerous financial regulators it is still suspicious. All these fears and become the reason that cryptocurrency is still not used as an international means of payment. It is for this reason the developers of the Bitfury Group engaged in the creation of a new product designed to enhance the credibility of the technology of the blockchain from the major players in the financial market.

The architecture of a decentralized network is that information about the transactions is available to everyone. The blockchain keeps track of all executed transactions, and uses the service Crystal. His algorithm collects all publicly available information about users, transactions, and identifiers of the wallets.

The basis for identifying suspicious transactions is a list of users to light up in illegal activities. It transactions with these market participants, first and foremost, will arouse suspicion.

To track suspicious transactions andharnessed to developed Bitflury API, or do it yourself using the program Crystal.

Not to say that the new software will give 100% reliable information, but according to numerous experts of cryptocurrency industry, it is much more difficult the lives of criminals whose activities natselenny on the theft of digital tokens.

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