Service T-Mall will operate on the blockchain

Service T-Mall will operate on the blockchain

Chinese shopping giant Alibaba is planning in the near future to translate his platform for cross-border operations T-Mall at the base of the blockchain. Partner in the project will make the company Cainiao, offering services in the field of

According to available information in the blockchain will be all the information on goods in export-import direction, including the countries sending and receiving ports where the goods that passed customs procedure and other related information.

While the new product is aimed primarily at Chinese consumers living in the largest cities of China. With the use of the mobile app they will be able in real time to obtain the data on 30 thousand a variety of goods, supply of fifty countries in the world.cainiao

It should be noted that the company Cainiao is funded by Alibaba Group, one of the world's largest representatives of online trading. The guide Cainiao note that for the logistic market, the blockchain is able to bring a lot of positive features to provide ease, accessibility and openness of all information related to the tracking of shipments.

Corporation Alibaba Group in 2017 year announced plans to create an international consortium involving Australian and new Zealand companies from the dairy industry. They plan to work together to develop blockchain-based platform that allows you to successfully counter the fraudsters in the organization of the supply of foodstuffs.

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