Ways of stealing from cryptocurrency wallets of users for example MyEtherWallet

Ways of stealing from cryptocurrency wallets of users for example MyEtherWallet

Hackers found vulnerabilities wallets for the storage of cryptocurrency, allows to steal digital assets of users. One of the victims was EtherBlue project working with the token Etherium. Hacking was selected popular wallet Ethereum called MyEtherWallet.

According to experts in the field of information security, there are other ways to get to your money. These "holes" in the protection cast a shadow on the reputation of developers, services, and the cryptocurrency network, in General.

Methods of fraud

The easiest way to steal your money – the substitution of addresses. The user finds the desired site, goes to him, gives live, by entering your details and password. After that, the cybercriminals gain access to your wallet.

The most unpleasant in this situation – this pseudo-exchange and other services come in the top results of search engines Google and Yandex. Unsuspecting Internet users will not notice the trick.

How to avoid such mistakes?

  • Check the name. Often the difference of one letter;

  • Do not open the letter, allegedly sent by company administration supporting the wallets;

  • Follow the news of the cryptocurrency relating to cases of fraud.

Recently, many people have suffered from the cunning tricks with email. Their address was reported, which was reported about the plans of hard forks in the system and offered to visit the site and check your balance. Of course, clicking on the finished (fake) link. A couple of hours such mailings enriched cunning anonymous on 52 ETH. A simple phishing attack and human psychology. No viruses, brute force your passwords and other complications.

The next step was the creation of fake applications for iOS gadgets. Although the official developers wrote that are irrelevant to this program, people still downloaded it. Although the support was not allegations of theft, utility itself was paid. Besides, it allows to capture personal data.

Victims report that not once noticed a substitute address MEW - level DNS and directly indicate the likelihood of hacking of the service.

Guide to such accusations he answers unequivocally:

  • There is no evidence;

  • Everything works as before.

Later it turned out that the developers are not lying, but information was information the FUD-spreading, i.e., psychological manipulation. The technology is not new and has long been used by marketers.

This is not the first and not the last case. Regular attacks are the exchange of crypto-currencies and major stock exchanges. This situation compels the users to look for new, less risky options trading and the storage of tokens.

The danger is the fact that intimidating people is one of the trends in the cryptocurrency market. Many remember the fall of the ETH and the market capitalization after false news about the death of the founder of the project. Self cryptoservice this will not solve the problem. You must connect the leading experts in the field of information protection and the development of global programmes of combating crime and fraud in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions.

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