Now tokens Nexus (NXS) can be traded on Binance.

Now tokens Nexus (NXS) can be traded on Binance.

Exchange Binance added to the list of crypto tokens Nexus (NXS). After this news the price per night increased by 18% to $2.5. Blockchain Nexus uses various mechanisms for optimizing the performance of transactions. The company has recently made changes to the white paper (whitepaper), which describes the concept of the blockchain and verification system.

Facts about Nexus.

The first block of the cryptocurrency NXS was created in September 2014. The turnover is approximately 57.6 million coins. A Nexus network enables transactions without a fee, and the most ambitious part of the project is to create a network of satellites, which will carry out the work of the blockchain. Security building blocks, the network uses the NXS Prime numbers, thus is countering hacking attacks using a vulnerability in the process of mining cryptocurrency.

The Nexus network has a high level of anonymityas the information about the personal keys of users not specified in the transaction. The network uses a hash function Keccac and Skein, which currently provides the highest speed.

After the launch of cryptocurrency there were predictions that its cost will reach $500 by the end of 2018. However, these assumptions are not true - peak price of tokens up to date, is $12.

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