Transneft damage caused by mining Monero

Transneft damage caused by mining Monero

The Russian giant of oil industry damaged by the mining Monerohas detected attempts to use the corporate facilities for mining digital currencies. This was announced by the Vice-President of the company Vladimir Rushailo at the expert Council. He noted that the threatened performance computing Transneft, if time has not taken the necessary actions, and not to get rid of malicious software.

Unknown number of infected computers and does not specify specific steps for Troubleshooting problems and identifying violators. According to V. Rushailo, was recorded a few incidents. In October 2017 on the workstations "Transneft – Diascan" revealed traces of the software used in the generation of Monero. Next month the same thing happened at the stations "Svyaztransneft" and "Transneft – Baltic". In Transneft announced the creation of its own cyber security systems to prevent infecting your computer system with malware when such attempts.

Currently, among the companies targeted by the malware to use the capacity reserves for mining cryptocurrency in the background, Transneft is one of the largest. Recently, among the victims were a notable web sites (videoservice "Showtime" platform and the "Ultimate Fighting Challenge").

In the report on cyber security, towhich was published in October of 2017, it was noted that CoinHive Monero Mining was the sixth of damage during the reporting month.

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