Ukraine takes the cryptocurrency under control

Ukraine takes the cryptocurrency under control

The feasibility of creating its own digital currency of Ukraine, says the statement of the government. The basis of the new currency you plan to use the system of the blockchain. Like the decision on creation of own electronic currency was in Russia. The country has been testing the program for the cashing out of bitcoin into accounts of physical persons with use of plastic cards in some banks through banking terminals.

And the stock market are popular the five kryptomere. Hence the alertness to a new kind of currency, which raises concerns. It is no secret that the stock market called bubble who knows how and when to burst.

In January, the head of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov spoke of the dangers to the economy and the threat to the security of Ukraine. The growing interest in this type of payments is constantly growing, and Ukrainian banks are also showing interest in using them.

Along with other countries, Ukraine plans to assign the status of the currency bitcoin and others to cryptocurrency. It was therefore decided on the establishment of a new working group, whose scope will be included to go a regulation of the blockchain in the country.Currently it is not known when the law is passed.

Representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Ukraine, the National police, the National Commission on securities and stock market will be part of the working group. Also developed the strategy of the stock market, the system for monitoring movement of bitcoin, there are transactions with cryptocurrency. In addition, plans for the establishment of a system for the collection of income tax on profits from cryptocurrency transactions. The bill provides mechanisms for taxation and audit for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Zachit will determine the period over which entities will store information about transactions. On request they will be able to disclose customer information and transactions. Mechanisms will be developed, allowing to access data cryptanalytically.

Experts in the field of the stock market very carefully commented on such innovations since so many of the nuances associated with the market. And how it will be spelled out in the law, is still unknown.

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