UnitedBitcoin as another hardwork Bitcoin

UnitedBitcoin as another hardwork Bitcoin

Developer Jeff garzik's, one of the main supporters of the failed SegWit2x, announced the holding of another hard forks of Bitcoin, which should appear UnitedBitcoin.

The Creator of the project says that the new bitcoin UBTC will support SegWit and Lightning Network, and the value of the units will be 8Mb, which will provide high speed of transactions and minimal fees.

In turn, the cryptocurrency has emissions of 21 million coins, like Bitcoin, and identical generating units. It is envisaged, by analogy with the BTC and the system of reduction of remuneration for loot after a certain time.

The most interesting innovation specified in withpaper, is the desire of the developer to access the lost Bitcoin. The coins will be credited to the special Fund, out of which 30% will be distributed between different ecosystems, which are among the most innovative. Among these ecosystems, the garzik's called Ethereum, Litecoin, Qtum, Hshare, which became the first in their segments.

The expert notes that today has the support of 10% of all miners Bitcoin, primarily among the Chinese representatives in the market. At the same time, no details on the timing of the hard forks and the block, which will be a division, not reported.

The crosswalk on UnitedBitcoin provides standard and accrue the same number of new coins. For UBTC in turn provides financial security, is designed to protect the currency pairs from the sudden change of course.

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