A successful asset to the weakness of the currency

A successful asset to the weakness of the currency

Well-known investor Kevin O'leary expressed his own opinion on one of the main problems of modern investors in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He noted that about 99% of all owners of BTC do not understand the principles of digital currencies, which makes their situation very dangerous. Violated the cardinal rule of investing, providing investing only in projects whose nature is fully comprehended.

At the same time, the expert admitted that today, Bitcoin acts as an asset the cost of which is rising and high volatility make it an excellent asset that allows you to earn serious. The key to success, he acknowledges the high speculative interest of the community.

At the same time as the currency, today Bitcoin cannot be considered as reliable and effective tool. And the culprit is still the same exchange rate volatility. When it comes to small amounts, serious problems have arisen, but many merchants are not ready to accept large sums in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to significant jumps in their value in a short period of time.

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Summing up his own opinion, O'leary compares Bitcoin with a tape measure, a kind of exciting game that is not subject to precise prediction. He did not exclude that in the future the value of BTC rises to the level of 40 thousand dollars and even higher, but is guaranteed to speak about it is impossible.

That is why the investor proposes to invest in cryptocurrencies, only those sums which in the case of loss will not be financial ruin for a person.

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