Important news cryptocurrency on the Ripple. Dangerous attachments in XPR

Important news cryptocurrency on the Ripple. Dangerous attachments in XPR

Opening the news of the cryptocurrency over the last two or three months, you will find there are a lot of references to Ripple. A simple example – the capitalization of this digital currency. In 2017 this crypt showed the biggest annual growth, reaching the amount of USD 147. dollars. Think of the number – 36000% increase in the exchange rate. What other cryptocurrency can boast of such? Even bitcoin , with its growth from 1000 up to 20000 dollars to such records far.


If you've been follow the project, the development is not surprising. The company in the period 2012-16 years has attracted investments in the amount of 93.6 million dollars. Their idea of interested representatives of venture capital funds, including Google Ventures. These people rarely give money to startups without a future.


PR campaign working perfectly. Only lazy not heard about the currency itself, but on every website where she is mentioned, they say they successfully implemented a program for working with banks and other financial institutions. The now more than a hundred.


But there are some nuances, which few people think:

  • Token XPR and Ripple are not the same. The company produces several software products on the basis of the blockchain. In particular, Bank xCurrent. This is an international transaction. But the token they are in the blockchain system is not used. Second – xVia. The same thing, but for ordinary people. Again nothing to do with the said coin. The only project associated with it, it xRapid. But it is not a solution, in which bankers had invested millions. Introduction XRP payments in the banking system, while in the dreams of the developer. However, for the Creator, there is no big difference what to sell. It is for crypto investor who bought coins on the exchange;


  • This is not the usual currency for payments and not a replacement for Fiat currency. Perhaps in the future, it's Realishout, but now the XPR-token works for your banking needs. Feeding the illusion, people buy it and can be disappointed in the future, learning that is fundamentally another financial instrument;


  • Nothing new and revolutionary. For example, the R3 project has attracted 107 million and offers similar services, while working with dozens of banks around the world. You didn't hear about it because the blockchain has not released its crypt and is fine without her;


  • To displace SWIFT is almost impossible. Even if the user "drives ripple" decides to start fighting, the competitor will be enough to release their blockchain system. Money, partners and opportunities he has at times more;


  • No decentralization. The owners hold 62% of total emissions and about how democracy in the community. It was the centralization destroyed Tencent, E-Gold and other predecessors of Bitcoin. State regulators will always be able to keep track of transactions, get information about your accounts.

 Рипл Riple курс прогноз

Finally, the Issuer is a legal entity. The firm can be close to bankrupt if it is undesirable for the authorities.


What will be the course of cryptomodule Ripple in the future?


It is naive to think that accepting crypto-token in the address, the system will allow it to grow in price. Even if hundreds and thousands of banking corporations will start to use хRapid, this does not mean that the rate will rise further. The cost depends on the demand, and it was created artificially. If we get the usual digital money level of Webmoney, the excitement wears off as well as it appeared.


International financial companies need stability, which is not the same BTC.

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