What to invest in 2018?

What to invest in 2018?

Sorry about that didn't invest in bitcoins a few years ago later. You need to live for today and to look for options profitable investment. Cryptocurrency news reported that in 2018 year will have even more reasons for joy.

From January 2018 years professionals and beginners of the trade e-coins will find a lot of pleasant surprises. The leadership of the Russian Federation legalizes financial transactions with bitcoins and other electronic money. Control by the public authorities will be tougher, but if you don't buy weapons and drugs by means of a financial instrument, the legalization is an advantage.

Deputy Minister Alexei Moiseev said: "the Administration must have the means of monitoring the actions of participants of the transaction. The users of the system must be able to learn information about the Respondent".

The opinion supported by the Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova: "Virtual financial instrument, it's time to assign legal status". Consider the three contenders for the role of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin for the fall should rise

падением и взлёт биткоин

The most popular digital coin is just beginning to realize its potential. Before you founder of block chains and pioneer of the sphere of the development of the international market. Date of establishment – 2009. Is characterized by total anonymity of transactions and open source platform. Any user of the system will be able to use technical stuffing currencys and independently verify the system for any hidden functions.

The difficulty of mining increases, and have to invest huge amounts for the organization of farms. Bitcoin exchange rate today is kept at around 13500$ $ .

Experts believe that invest in the purchase of this electronic tool makes sense, since very few competitors that can really compete with that currency. It is impossible to predict the future of this party electronic financial market, however, many will invest in Bitcoin.

Ethereum is the main threat to Bitcoin

Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Appeared in 2015 and in just two years has become incredibly popular – second place! The creators have organized a decentralized platform that offers any user a smart contract. The source code is written by users all over the planet – initially the Ethereum was conceived as a universal coin that is able to adapt and improve.

As a token used ether, which you can use for transactions, use of instruments or purchase financial assets. It is used in accounting, logistics and currency conversion. The current rate remains within 650 dollars, although in March 2017 it was worth only 35 dollars. The growth is impressive, which shows the immense potential.

You can trade with a pair of Ethereum and USD on certain resources. The company's management openly says that the time etive financial instruments are not forever. However, the prospects of a promising live.

Litecoin – a new favorite


Considering the most promising financial instruments, it is impossible to ignore the coins litecoin. Their popularity is constantly growing due to the advantages of the new mechanism of calculation of transactions and of mining. This speeds up operation and adds to the appeal of Litecoin.

What are the reasons of increase in demand? High protection from hackers – each time the user needs to enter a unique password to login to your account. Blockchain platform can handle large amounts of data, which makes it better than bitcoin. The system is able to maintain a huge number of transactions without fundamental adjustments of the network.

Litecoin is considered a stable currency and its exchange rate at the end of December is 275 dollars. In spring 2017 the coin was worth only 10 dollars. Growth of 250 percent?

Experts believe that this is not the limit. It is recommended to study more this field of investment.

Any kind of investment involves risks. The value of crypto currencies can fall or rise. One thing is clear – you need to study the market and make decisions according to their professional vision.

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