Australians can now pay for rent in bitcoin.

Australians can now pay for rent in bitcoin.

Thanks to a partnership agreement between a crypto currency exchange Cointree and payment system Gobbill Australians can now pay for rent in bitcoin. This can be done using the crypto exchange Cointree that supports 40 different digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and NEO!

Founder Gobbill of shendon Evans argues that the decision to create a new service due to his personal interest in the cryptocurrency: "I have traded virtual currencies, but not very successfully. I'm new to the cryptocurrency field, but I'm surrounded by high class specialists - the stone and Chuck."

The company Gobbill allows users to automatically pay bills through Bank cards, customers had the opportunity to tie your account cryptocurrency wallet and use digital assets as a method of payment. In this case, the framework will automatically convert the coins to Fiat currency.

It is important to note that both companies have the license for financial activity and fully comply with the requirements of Australian investment Commission. Australians have got a new way to spend the cryptocurrency, of course, it will contribute to increase the liquidity of the digital assets and significantly expand the client base of companies.

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