Exchange Binance renamed the market USDT USDⓈ

Exchange Binance renamed the market USDT USDⓈ

On 26 November a leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance renamed the market Tether (USDT) to the combined market tablconv USDⓈ. The company also plans to add a new stable of digital assets.

USDⓈ is a symbol of the new market stable cryptocurrency on Binance. In the near future, the exchange will add stabilini USD Coin (USDC) from American payment systems Circle, PAX from blockchain startup Paxos and TrueUSD (TUSD) from the company TrustToken.

All trade pairs with a stable of digital assets will be available in the tab USDⓈ Markets on the website Binance. According to representatives of stock exchanges, the decision on the establishment of a separate market for tablconv due to the company's plans to add support for several stable virtual currency. Also has information about what is Binance considering the possibility of integrating tablconv tied to the Euro and the yen.

Currently the most popular cryptocurrency is stable Tether (USDT). It takes 8 place in terms of market capitalization, which is $1.8 billion. Also worth noting is the high daily trading volume USDT - $4.6 billion. The main competitor Tether, USD Coin, was released in October 2018 joint efforts of cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and payment system Circle. USDC has managed to get to 30 places in terms of capitalization, however, the daily trading volume of tokens while relatively small - $22 million.

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