The blockchain Bitcoin set the record for the amount of the transaction⭐app

The blockchain Bitcoin set the record for the amount of the transaction⭐app

3 December 2018 on the blockchain of cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) was set a new record for the amount of the transaction. Purse which enters into the twenty of the richest, was translated 66.233 BTC for $250 million.

Cryptocurrency for a quarter of a billion dollars has been translated into several addresses in the system SegWit, so money transfer is not related to bulk sale of BTC coins. On November 26, the blockchain Ethereum was recorded a major transaction on account of the cryptocurrency exchanges Okex: unknown user moved 17.723 coins ETH (almost $2 million at the exchange rate at the time). This news caused panic among traders, many said that the course Ethereum can come down to $50 soon. But fears of the crypto community, fortunately, did not materialize.

Users of social networks have suggested several theories about the recipients of the payment. Some believe that part of the cryptocurrency is designed to the head of the mining company nChain Craig Wright. There was an assumption that Wright plans to resume the war of Harrachov between the two blockchains - Bitcoin Bitcoin cash and cash SV. Some believe that the large investor has decided to sell part of a digital asset after the summit of the Big twenty (G20) in Argentina. We will remind that on December 1 the member States of the G20 have signed the agreement concerning the adoption of uniform standards for kriptonytethat significantly tightening control over the circulation of cryptocurrency.

However, the most likely target of the transaction - g>OTC trade Bitcoin. Transactions on purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies for a large sum usually committed outside the marketplaces, peer-to-peer format. Due to this, the parties can maintain anonymity and avoid any impact on the course of digital asset.

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