Blockchain cryptocurrency XRP finally became decentralized ☝

Blockchain cryptocurrency XRP finally became decentralized ☝

Due to the migration nodes of the network blockchain cryptocurrency XRP from Ripple, the company finally became decentralized! Now critics can't accuse the makers of a digital asset in violation of the main assumption of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The news was commented by technical Director Ripple's David Schwartz: "the Protocol of the blockchain, XRP operates on the basis of the consensus Protocol, which includes confirmation of transactions by the validators. Are they different from miners that don't get a reward for the processing of remittances. To date, the validators are distributed around the world, including a variety of companies, stock exchanges, and individual users. The blockchain, XRP based on a decentralized and democratic mechanism of consensus, the network cannot control one organization."

Schwartz compares the network is XRP with bloccano Bitcoin and Ethereum: according to the report, 58% of the BTC network control 4 mining pool, ETH situation is similar - 57% of the blockchain under the control of the three pools. However, Ripple manages only 7% of the network is XRP. It is important to note that every validator of the blockchain, XRP is only one vote, so no single firm can not have 51% compute power of the entire blockchain.

Users XRP is always possible to choose another validator. For example, if a group of nodes together and start to dictate the conditions of the network, customers can refuse their services and choose other validators that fit them. Of course, the decentralized nature of BloKonina will attract to the platform a new user that will enhance the course of bitcoin and help the project grow in the future!

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