The blockchain of Bitcoin Cash, you can store files⭐app

The blockchain of Bitcoin Cash, you can store files⭐app

Developers Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) announced the release of the Bitcoin Protocol Files Protocol, whereby in the blockchain cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash , you can store files.

Files of the Bitcoin Protocol (BFP) was developed by programmers by James Cramer, Ryan Charles, mark Lundeberg, Kalina Culianu, Ronaldom Fiotball and developer BCH Writeroom.

News commented Kramer: "Our company has released a very simple Protocol that allows upload and download of the blockchain the Bitcoin Cash small files (less than 5 KB). After downloading the file you can download using the identification number of the transaction."

According to Kramer, file storage in the network, the blockchain has several advantages in comparison with centralized cloud fayloobmenikah. Kramer argues that none of the anonymous services for data storage has a sufficient level of reliability.

In the future the company plans to add a tool to download files in the program Electron Cash, and open a site called Bitcoinfiles.comallowing you to upload and download data from the blockchain directly in the browser. Now programmers are developing Javascript app for managing downloaded files.

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