Coinbase has added the conclusion on PayPal without a fee✌

Coinbase has added the conclusion on PayPal without a fee✌

14 Dec American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has added the ability to output to Fiat currency payment platform PayPal without a fee. At the moment the option is available for customers from the US, users from other countries will get access to the service in 2019.

Coinbase has integrated PayPal into the trading platform in 2016. However, the option of withdrawing money to PayPal was suspended in the beginning of 2018 due to technical problems. 9 months later the service was restored, but only for Americans. Transaction fees will not be charged, but there is a limit: at a time PayPal can only transfer a maximum of $10,000.

7 Dec employees Coinbase started working on a project for the integration 31 of cryptocurrency. Among the main candidates for listing were: Ripple (XRP), EOS and Cardano (ADA). Representatives of the exchange said they will cooperate with the banks and institutions to open access digital assets with the widest possible range of customers.

Since September of this year, Coinbase will accept applications from blockchain startups to add trading pairs with their coins. The company has also developed a procedure for evaluating the potential of virtual currency and uses it in the decision-making process on the application. In November, Coinbase launched off-exchange trading to institutional clients.

It should be noted that Coinbase is engaged in research in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. In March, the exchange filed the application for obtaining of patent, which describes a system of remittances in digital assets. Innovation from Coinbase can significantly accelerate pthe process of transaction processing through the use of auxiliary private keys. Coinbase expands the list of services starts new and interesting projects than enhances its competitiveness in the market of cryptocurrencies.

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