Google lifted the ban on advertising of crypto-currencies☝

Google lifted the ban on advertising of crypto-currencies☝

25 Sep Google lifted the ban on advertising of crypto-currencies and allowed was the blockchain startups to publish ads on its platform. The change of policy in respect of kriptonyte indicates the company's desire to cooperate with reliable projects.

In June 2018 chief Executive officer of the investment firm Blackmore Group Philip Nunn criticized the decision by Google to ban advertising of cryptocurrencies criticized. In an interview, he stated: "I understand that Facebook and Google are responsible to the users for the advertisement, however, on both platforms still advertised betting sites, and other questionable projects".

According to the head of the Corporation Revolut ed Cooper, the ban unfairly restricted the rights of legitimate cryptocurrency companiesthat wanted to attract customers to their platform. Google and Facebook explained its decision by the need to combat fraud, however, under a General prohibition was well-known cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Binance. Restrictions on advertising have become an obstacle to the development of many blockchain startupsthat are unable to obtain sufficient funding during the primary supply of coins (ICO).

From 1 October, Google will allow American and Japanese cryptocurrency companies to publish ads. Google employees will check each ad for compliance with legal norms. Experts believe that in the future the ban will be lifted for all businessesthat will be able to confirm the legality of their business.

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