The technical indicator shows a growth rate of Bitcoin✌

The technical indicator shows a growth rate of Bitcoin✌

According to the report of the analytical company Diar, the Bitcoin blockchain has increased the number of transactions. This technical indicator shows a growth rate of BTC, so in the near future, the market leading cryptocurrency should continue the bullish trend.

In their study, employees Diar used data portals Coinmetrics and Blockchain. Found out the following: number of transactions in Bitcoin in the third quarter reached highest level in 2018, surpassing the first quarter of 70,000.

For the last 3 months remittances amounted to 20 million coins BTC, 13.6% more than in the second quarter. This suggests that people are more likely to use Bitcoin. It is also important to note that since February, gradually increasing the number of transactions, average 5% per month.

This trend is due to two main factors: a decrease in transfer fees and application of the Protocol Segwit (Segregated Witness). However, there is a decrease in volume of remittances in dollar terms in the first quarter of 2018, users transferred the coins BTC for a total of $167 billionin the third quarter, only $65.38 billion. The amount of transactions in Bitcoin this year amounted to $315 billion!

Increase Hasrat blockchain Bitcoin stopped.

In August 2018, the computational power of the blockchain the Bitcoin reached a high of - 62 trillion hashes per second. In November, the figure is 40 to 60 trillion hashes per second, while a slight decrease of computational mosnasti. However, it should be noted that mining giantssuch as Bitmain, and Bitfury Giga Watt, continue to produce "digital gold" and believe in the bright future of Bitcoin.

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