Whales bought bitcoin at $300 million✍

Whales bought bitcoin at $300 million✍

In the period from 2 to 4 April 2019 whales purchased the cryptocurrency for at least $300 million. Large investors continue to accumulate digital assets in their wallets, despite the statement of the famous trader of Stone Weiss that the Bitcoin (BTC) is under threat of falling.

In the recent Pampa course leading virtual currency daily trading volume of digital assets exceeded $80 billion. Bitcoin took first place on the queries in the search engines Google and Baidu. The level of capitalization of crypto-currencies reached $175 billion and continues to grow. During the market rush by large investors are not sitting idly by - from 2 to 4 April, there were 5 transactions totaling more than $300 million:

  1. 300 million tokens, XRP ($RB 110.7 million) was transferred from Deposit vault Ripple;
  2. 10.889 coins BTC ($51,5 million) was sent from the exchange Binance;
  3. 10.888 coin BTC ($51,8 million) were transferred with Binance;
  4. 9.974 BTC ($50,6 million) was sent from an unknown purse;
  5. 9.473 BTC ($46,9 million) transferred from exchange Bitfinextrong>.

4 of the 5 largest transactions in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the only representative of altcoins - XRP. This fact suggests that kryptonite, as before, make a bet on BTC. Transfers were made to unknown cryptococal, so the owners of digital assets are not identified.

An experienced trader thawne Weiss expressed his opinion about the future of the Bitcoin market: "we have Now reached the level of $5.000, but I think the BTC ratewill likely fall below the $3,000 increase in the cost of the asset to $10,000 is unlikely."

According to Weiss, during 2019 Bitcoin may go down to $1.300, however, it is certain that the coin will not fall below $1.000. Now the price of BTC stabilized around $5,000, the publication Bloomberg reports that technical indicators indicate a high level of overselling of an asset. So economists predict a decline in rate. Given the speculative nature of trading Bitcoin, to say that something probably is not possible. Judging from the current situation in the market, traders are buying the coin at a rate lower of $5,000, so the asset price must not break the support zone in the area.

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