The founder of the crypto currency exchange traders threw in $145 million

The founder of the crypto currency exchange traders threw in $145 million

After the sudden death of the founder of canadian exchange QuadrigaCX Jerry Cotto trading platform missed cryptocurrencies for $145 million. According to employees of the company, Cotten had access to the cold wallet of the exchange and used it to throw traders on the money.

After the death of Jerry Cotto 9 December 2018 staff QuadrigaCX found loss cryptocurrencies for $145 million. The exchange has kept the bulk of the digital assets in cold crypto. Cotten was responsible for the security of the store and had keys to access the wallet. According to company representatives, the keys were kept only the founder of the platform, so they can't get access to the virtual currency. Now the capital of the company is estimated at $286.000, while the amount of debt traders is $198 million.

Workers QuadrigaCX said that Cotten worked with a home computer. All data on the hard disk is encrypted, so the experts can not know the login information for the crypto. The wife of the owner of the exchange Jennifer Robertson said that doesn't know the password or key to restore access to the cryptocurrency vault. She allegedly searched the house but found no records of her husband. Robertson had hired a hacker, so he hacked into the computer Cotto, however, the programmer could not cope with the task.

Chief Executive officer of canadian exchange Exchange Einstein Michael Gokturk called the actions of Jerry Cotto illogical, because access to such a large sum of money puts man in danger.

Users of the exchange are unable to withdraw their money and I suspect the leadership grounds of fraud. Traders asked to publish a death certificate for Jerry Cotto, since I doubt the reality of the situation. The address of Jennifer Robertson has received threats and accusations of collusion with her husband. Traders suggest that it intentionally does not give out access keys wallet and plans to use cryptocurrency, when the buzz surrounding the incident dies down.

The situation will to understand the court. QuadrigaCX has already sent a statement requesting the protection of the rights of creditors, in accordance with the law on the restructuring of the business. The first hearing will be held on 5 February. The court must appoint an independent audit and to render a final verdict on the basis of its results.

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