Users exchange QuadrigaCX does not return the cryptocurrency☝

Users exchange QuadrigaCX does not return the cryptocurrency☝

9 February it became known that the users of canadian exchange QuadrigaCX will not return the stolen bitcoin. The securities and exchange Commission (SEC) reported that the activity of the trading platform does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Department, so traders can not count on compensation.

9 Dec 2018 workers QuadrigaCX found loss cryptocurrencies for $145 million. According to the company, digital assets are stored in cold wallet of the exchange. The company's employees can't access it, because they have no keys. QuadrigaCX the user claims that access to the vault was only the founder of the platform Jerry Cotto, who died in December last year. It is worth noting that users QuadrigaCX not believe the statements of the representatives of the courts and assume that their money was stolen.

The staff of the SEC stated that the Agency is not responsible for the actions of QuadrigaCX: "the Exchange does not provide services for trading in securities or financial derivatives, and worked as a trading platform or exchange in the province of British Columbia".

The canadian authorities have still not adopted legislative measures to regulate the activities of cripture. Instead, the government is actively fighting against cybercrime in the field of blockchain , and virtual currencies. Officials have warned investors that work cryptocurrency trading platforms not controlled by the securities Commission, so Canadians, in fact, use cryptobinary at your own risk.>

Guide QuadrigaCX appealed to the Supreme court of Nova Scotia, with a request to give time to recover the financial situation. February 5, the judge decided to delay the reception of claims from creditors in relation to the stock exchange for a period of 30 days. During this time will be audited, however, the access bitcoin for $145 million, most likely, will not be able to get.

According to the wife of Cotto Jennifer Robertson, husband left her the keys to the wallet and the password to decrypt the data on his home computer with which he worked. Many users of the site believe that Jerry Cotten forged the death certificate to pull off a Scam. This view is confirmed by the information that after the death of Cotto from the account of the exchange was transferred cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC). What will end the Saga of QuadrigaCX is still unknown, we will monitor developments and will publish interesting information as soon as it appears.

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