The market was flooded with fake tokens EOS⚙on!!!

The market was flooded with fake tokens EOS⚙on!!!

18 Sep cryptocurrency market is flooded fake tokens EOS. The attackers released the 1 billion tokens called "EOS" and used them to buy crypto-currencies on a decentralized exchange Newdex.

Criminals bought fake tokens coins BLACK, IQ, ADD, and EOS for a total amount of $58,000 and then transferred the resulting virtual currency on the exchange Bittrex. The scammers managed to Scam due to the fact that the blockchain EOS allows you to create tokens under any name, including EOS! In addition, the exchange Newdex does not use smart contracts, so that the authenticity token is not checked.

The developers of EOS commented on the incident: "Users of the exchange Newdex send your money in the smart contract and on a regular account on network EOS newdexpocket".

In the case of account newdexpocket clients transferred cryptocurrency in purse EOS, which does not validate the digital asset. If Newdex used purses multipoles (as does the majority of the exchanges), the idea of criminals has failed.

Last week it was hacked decentralized application EOSBet in the blockchain EOS, with the result that hackers stole cryptocurrency in the amount of $240,000. Representatives of the company-the Creator of the program said that the attackers used the bug in the application code. Error safely removed, app patched again and launched on September 14.

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