North Korea has stolen cryptocurrency $670 million

North Korea has stolen cryptocurrency $670 million

According to the UN Security Council, in the period from 2017 to 2018 , North Korea has stolen from shopping sites bitcoin at $670 million. Experts say that North Korean hackers hack the crypto currency exchange, steal users ' money and use mixers to cover transactions in digital assets.

In the report of the Security Council of the United Nations stated that the hacker attacks manages a special Department of the armed forces of North Korea. According to UN experts, breaking cryptocurrency platforms and financial institutions is carried out on the orders of the North Korean government, which uses digital assets and blockchain technology to overcome economic sanctions. The members of the security Council noted that transactions in virtual currencies difficult to track, so digital assets are outside the control of the state bodies and their use for money laundering.

The UN reported that information about the theft of the cryptocurrency North Korea received from the government agencies of different countries, including South Korea. The security Council calls upon countries all over the world to report about facts of breaking the financial companies to form a single database. With its help it will be possible to effectively counter hacking threats from North Korea.

North Korean hackers accused of stealing personal data of Internet users. South Korean commercial platform Interpark reported the abduction of information on 10 million customers. The South Korean authorities believe that the hacking is North Korea, according to officials, the attackers steal personal data to use them for hacking Bank accounts and accounts at cryptocurrency exchanges. The increase in the number of hacker attacks due to the difficult financial situation of North Korea - the sanctions, the country cannot export coal (your main resource).

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