Stellar has entered the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization✌

Stellar has entered the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization✌

Digital asset Stellar (XLM) entered the top-5 of cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. With 5 tokens XLM shifted virtual currency EOS, ahead of the competitor by $175 million.

1 November - the course of Stellar increased by 18% (from $0.22 to $0,26). The bullish trend in the market XLM due to two factors: the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced its plans to list tokens XLMand the company Blockchain, providing services for the storage of digital assets, added Stellar to your cryptocurrency wallet. It is also worth noting that the tokens XLM took the 4th place in trading volume in the world's largest exchange Binance.

In July 2018, Coinbase announced its intention to start trading cryptocurrency 5: Cardano, Basic attention token (BAT), Stellar, and zcash for Ox. At the moment, the exchange has added trading pairs with coins BAT and Ox, so there were rumors that the next digital asset will be Stellar.

Firm Blockchain last week began the largest in the history of the Airdrop campaign: from November 6, the Blockchain is distributed to its customers tokens XLM in the amount of $125 million. Thanks to the generous Airdrop trading volume Stellar has grown from 10 to 11 November by almost 2 times - from $53 to $109 million. In addition, the price of bitcoin has risen over the same period by 5%.

The main opponent of the Stellar, EOS, fell last week by 7%. According to experts, in the course of EOS was negatively impacted by the message about phishing web cryptocurrency wallet SimplEOSthat was downloaded in the Google Play app store. According to the developers of EOS RIO, scammers have created a copy of their program to get access to cash users. Now the fake is removed from Google Play, however, the amount of financial damage caused to the owners the EOS, is still unknown.

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