Tron promised to rescue the developers of Ethereum and EOS

Tron promised to rescue the developers of Ethereum and EOS

Chief Executive officer of blockchain startups Tron Justin San promised to rescue the developers of Ethereum and EOS from bankruptcy. The company will Finance the projects that will proceed with the Ethereum blockchains and EOS network Tron.

The course of Ethereum cryptocurrency December 6 overcame another barrier support $100 and fell to $85,74. For the month ETH is cheaper 60%, this has significantly affected the profit margins of developers of decentralized applications (dApp). On the market EOS the situation is even worse: 8 Nov EOS 1 coin was worth $5,68 today, the course of bitcoin is only $1,69.

At the moment the most popular platform for dApp remains the Ethereum blockchain. However, 3 of the leading applications in networks of Tron and EOS superior to their opponents from Ethereum on the number of active users and the amount of funds per day:


dApp EOS

dApp Tron

Ethereum dApp

The number of users




The amount of money

$1.4 million

$5.5 million



According to experts, the transition of large companies into the blockchain Tron could trigger a chain reactionthat will eventually lead to a drop in the popularity of the king of the block chain. The developers dApp, the profit fell, it is likely that some are on the verge of bankruptcy. Unfortunately, official data on the ethe account are not yet available, however, we can cite as an example the company ETCDEV of blockchain Ethereum Classic, which had to close due to funding problems.

How to react to the startups for the generous offer Justin Sana, only time will tell. We will follow the development of events, apparently, big changes are coming.

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