Hacked cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia

Hacked cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia

Jan 14, unknown hackers broke into the new Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. Representatives of the company announcedthat as a result of the attack, hackers managed to steal digital assets "a large sum".

On Monday morning, Cryptopia has suspended its work in connection with the unscheduled maintenance. However, on January 15 at 12:00 Moscow time employees of the exchange said that the trading platform was hacked, an incident report has already been transferred to local law enforcement authorities. At the moment the exchange is closed for business, the company suspended all operations and checks of the security system.

According to well-known Bitcoin (BTC) trader under the alias Panda Whale, the message about hacking Cryptopia may be false. He believes that the exchange's management said about the hacker attack to hide illegal manipulation. Co-founder of blockchain startups The Crypto Collectors and DAPS Project Adel de Meyer does not agree with Whale Panda. She claims to personally know the team of the trading platform and I'm sure in their professionalism.

Cryptocurrency investor Ran Neuner also expressed his opinion: "I wonder how many cryptocurrencies hackers managed to steal. If Cryptopia back users havestolen money? I think that the small volume of trading of the exchange is not able to recover after a break-in, so such incidents are on the arm major trading venues".

Cryptopia will resume only after the police completed the investigation into a hacker attack. Now the employees of the exchange shall cooperate with the specialists of Department on struggle against crimes in sphere of high technologies to identify who they were. The exchange's management counts losses and promises to publish new information in the near future.

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