Platform developers Waves refutes the rumors about bankruptcy

Platform developers Waves refutes the rumors about bankruptcy

Recently in the news cryptocurrency there have been reports about the bankruptcy of the project Waves Platform and liquidation of companies registered in the UK. Guide popular on blockchain project States that is currently undergoing restructuring, which will provide efficiency gains and are aimed at protecting the interests of customers and investors.

For international development, in favorable conditions, a decision was made to transfer the head office to Switzerland. Recall that a European state was recognized as a country with the most favorable attitude of the authorities and financial regulators to the cryptocurrency market.

Now registered legal entity to work under the Swiss law. Succeeding to the jurisdiction, the company will be able to resolve disputed issues relating to the legal status of the organization, the proposed product-related digital assets.

Recall that the developers in 2016, managed to collect $16 million during krautsalat into the seven most successful blockchain-related startups.

Feature of the system is the application of the additional consensus that enables users to pass your balance to rent. The technology is called Accout Leasing. A private decentralized market that offers favorable conditions for traders.

Returning to the decision taken by the owners, it should be noted that this is not the first case when a large company blockchain segment transferred its offices and head offices in the Swiss jurisdiction. Earlier in the Canton of Zug, often called "Cryptocoryne", moved Etereum, Lisk, Bancor, ShapeShift and many others.

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