Hackers use scheme with a verified Twitter to steal cryptocurrency

Hackers use scheme with a verified Twitter to steal cryptocurrency

Organized crime on the network once again becomes the "hero" news cryptocurrency in the world. Attackers have found a new way of cheating crypto-investors. For this they create the accounts, exactly-in-exactly similar to those used in Twitter blockchainstartups, get verified and use the gullibility of people who do not know how to distinguish a fake.


A week ago such an adventure did with Tron Foundation. Twitter has created not just a page of the startup, but also of account is the project's CEO Justin Suna. How did you manage to get the coveted check mark if two of the same page, you cannot start it? Very simply – by adding one letter. It is difficult to calculate how many people noticed in the "TronFoundationl" one extra character. They were distracted all the same ill-fated mark of authenticity and real tweets copied from authentic page.

The investigation allowed us to learn from whose Twitter account was created this one. Previously, he belonged to LegacyBridge. Some organization from the American city of Seattle did not know that they were hacked to deceive the people. In this way managed to get a "tick". The same method was used to create a pseudo-page of the head.

Using such a springboard for an attack on the unsuspecting holders of the coins, crypto-crooks lured the Ethereum, promising to return a larger amount.

Experts in the field of security believe that criminals have found a bug in the system. The fact that changing the name of any Twitter page, you will automatically lose authorization level, and must obtain it again. Learning about the incident, he reacted to the situation and Jack Dorsey, who promised to take immediate action to correct a dangerous error.

This is not the first such case. 7.02.2018, using the same scheme of deception, the unknown was able to obtain a cryptocurrency for the sum over 5 thousand dollars.

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