58coin Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

58coin Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

One of the young pools literally broke into the rankings cryptocurrency mining at the end of 2017. If the project will continue to develop and further, that for several months he will be able to gain a foothold among the leaders in the industry.

General information

58COIN was created in the fall of 2017, a group of Chinese enthusiasts with the support of investors from the same country. And in the first months of its existence it was noted in mining of bitcoins, literally bursting into the top ten of the largest pools.

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The project is developing quite legally and is open to new users. But while that resource is available only in Chinese.

In addition to bitcoin mining, the project offers mine BCH, DASH and litecoin. Inside pool has its own heat exchanger, allowing to get one of these cryptocurrencies at a decent rate. Over time, the owners of the service promise to combine it with a full-fledged bitcoin exchange, which will be closely linked with their primary child.



For two months the pool got the 123 block. Of the total number received to date bitcoin, this figure is only 0.02%. But, when you consider that 58COIN works with hasraton 370.71 PH/s, it has all chances to stay in the top ten of the largest such services in the next year.

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The total size of the blocks is 1,054,260. This indicator some pools failed to achieve for several years. And the number of empty blocks extracted from 58COIN kept at zero.


The pool fee for each successful transaction fee is 33.06 %. This figure will change gradually into more profitable for the investors side.

While not particularly clear what the payment options young service will be offered in early 2018. Now its creators have announced support for PPS and PPLNS. And withdraw their funds from the system each participant can immediately after award.

Features pool

It is too early to say how much you can trust this pool. But a few months of its existence it has already established itself in the Chinese market and managed to attract a number of major companies and hundreds of thousands of private investors. In the near future the project owners promise to enter the international market, then the computational capacity of the pool needs to grow significantly.

The main advantages 58COIN as of December 2017 is the availability of good start-up capital, the impressive hardware and software platform and a rapid implementation of the development plan, the main point of which is to attract new customers. Now the pool takes a user on very favorable terms. It is hoped that the policy of his administration in this regard will not change in the coming months. And during this time the project may have time to enter the international arena, to win the love of users from around the world and around a number of their less agile competitors.

If the pool owners decide to focus on the Chinese market, the project may lose the position, which he reached just a few days.



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