BTCC Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

BTCC Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Large Chinese poolthat is growing rapidly in recent years. He is one of the divisions of the conglomerate BTCC, also known under the name of BTC China. It includes not only pool, but one of the largest bitcoin exchanges on the planet and a subsidiary manufacturing mining equipment and for them.

General information

This pool was created by the Corporation BTC China in the fall of 2014. In early 2015 he is firmly entrenched in the top ten largest miners of bitcoin. Gradually BTCC attracts new investors among large companies and private miners, so that its computing capacity is growing steadily.

Статистика пула

By the end of 2017, the project allows to produce not only BTC, but also other common cryptocurrencies, including litecoin, Ethereum, bitcoin and other Cash. The company's head office is in Shanghai, but her mission imeutsya not only in China but also in other countries of the world. She also is known for its exchange and innovative approach to work.



During the second half of 2017 service produced 1,824 units, which amounted to more than six and a half percent of the total number of bitcoins received. In the entire history of the project the first figure is found 16,959 units, and the second is approximately 3.40 %.

хэшрейт btccom

December 2017 BTCC works with hasraton not below 582.67 PH/s, which is almost five percent of the total computing powerth involved in mining bitcoins. The percentage of empty blocks, it is significantly higher than the competition – 12.50 %. But according to the managers of the pool is the inconvenience associated with the introduction of new software and upgrade the hardware platform.


The Commission transactions the remuneration of the unit in the project is 29.01 %. It's not the highest earnings to investors. But it is high enough and covers all the risks, as the organizers of the pool and each of its customers. The total fee for the unit is kept within 3.62646173, which is also average.

While BTCC pleases a variety of ways of payments. They are made either instantly or within a few days, depending on the user's choice. But complaints about freezing of accounts and other inconveniences on the part of users to the service almost didn't arrive in its history.

Features pool

The rapid development of the project – one of the key and the main advantages. Another important aspect of its successful development, stability and reliability. While the BTCC will enjoy a relatively low margin.

The pool is regularly introducing a new technology that allows to increase its computing capacity. His website is available in Chinese and English. A guide to the project cares about its customers that demonstrates a high degree of protection of each account in the system.

BTCC is a robust project, which is backed by major Chinese company. The pool is constantly developing and relies on the extraction of several key cryptocurrency, which is a kind of additional guarantee of its stability.



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