BTC.TOP Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

BTC.TOP Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

BTC.TOP is a relatively new pool from China, which in less than a year of its existence, became one of the leaders in the production of the most common cryptocurrencies. More recently, he didn't even have their own website. But now Poole was forced to reckon with even those services that work with the miners for several years.

General information

The Foundation began its work in December 2016. And by early summer of 2017, he managed to win back significant market share from their more experienced competitors. Mining bitcoin pool came in third place with 14% of the network and at the moment it is bypassed only AntPool and

Статистика пула
Now BTC.TOPbased Chinese investor Jian Gorom, not seeking to expand to the West. The Manager and the businessman who previously worked in the Shanghai office of China Mobile, is satisfied with the current situation and the speed of the development of his brainchild. Therefore, the project's website yet still available only in Chinese. At the moment, the pool remains closed and while it is not known whether the owners to open access to their facilities for miners from all over the world.


At the moment the pool is working with hasraton 1,426.48 PH/s and its share fluctuates around 14%. Over the past six months the power of BTC.TOP allowed to collect more than three and a half BLthe shackles of the found twenty-seven. It is noteworthy that the pool very quickly surpassed many of its competitors. It happened through the introduction of innovative technologies and the infusion of a large budget from the owners of the project.


According to official statistics, the total Commission transactions in the pool did not exceed 14% since its creation, and now all is less than 12.5%. Moreover, this figure becomes less day by day. It's safe to say that the pool owners have done a great job on its development. Because of the clear outsider it just a few months has become one of the leaders in the market.

Features pool

The main "trick" of BTC.TOP is that throughout its existence, it remains closed. And most importantly, it remains a mystery whether his owners to cooperate with the miners in the foreseeable future or not. As long as no preconditions to the opening of access to the pool is simply not enough – and so he is well developed and its technical and financial capacity will be enough to further increase its share of hashing.

статистика роста пула

While Gian, Guar strives to keep up with the times and doing everything for their business. In March 2017, he said that the assets of his companies a hundred million dollars that his company is ready to put on the development of new technologies at any time. Then it was about supporting Bitcoin Unlimited. But you can be sure that since BTC.TOP only significantly increased its capital. So from this private pool in the future can expect anything. But not reduce its stake in mining major cryptocurrencies, which for all time of existence of a pool does that grows.

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