Bitfury - a Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Bitfury - a Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

BitFury is the largest blockchain-a company established outside of the PRC. Mining cryptocurrency is service with software and hardware solutions of its own production. In this pool, as does the conglomerate with offices in the USA, the UK, Iceland, China and other countries, is private.

General information

The company BitFury came to light in 2011. Its Creator and one of the owners is Valery Vavilov. Originally his brainchild practiced mine bitcoins with CPUs and graphics cards from leading manufacturers. But at the dawn of its existence, the firm began to develop his own ASIC chips, which were produced under a separate brand.

Статистика пула

By the beginning of 2014 BitFury turns into one of the largest miners of cryptocurrency, working closely with the pool And already the same summer the company organizes its own mining service. Its computational power is located on the territory of Georgia, Iceland and Finland. Poole is fast becoming one of the leaders of the mining bitcoin allows its owners to open offices in Washington, London, Tokyo, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Hong Kong and other major cities around the world.

A historic moment in the development of the BitFury became tracheascopy investment inflows, during which the Vavilov and his partner failed to attract a pool of more than sixty million dollars. Currently, the company continues to develop, providing software and hardware for mining. Its data centers are located in Iceland and Georgia – servers, operating in Finland, was moved to new and existing sites in these countries.


By the end of 2017 BitFury allows you to mine bitcoin with hasraton 371.15 PH/s, which is almost three percent of the total indicators. The number of blocks for the lifetime of the pool passed for sixteen. The indicator blank is steadily equal to zero.

хэшрейт btccom

The pool allows you to mine and other major cryptocurrencies, including litecoin, and Ethereum. Some of the company's share is much higher percentage than in BTC, since the company does not fixate on bitcoin and looking for new ways of generating income.



In December 2017 the Commission transactions the remuneration of the unit in the pool was equal to 36.22 %. And the total of the fee transaction to the block on bitcoin stood at 4.52745086.

Payments in the pool are various convenient ways. In General, each project member can withdraw his share immediately after its accrual.

Features pool


It is the only service among the big players on the market established outside of China. Another important feature of the pool is that it works on the equipment of own production, specially designed software. While the company remains private, happy to accept new participants and continues to grow rapidly, as evidenced by the regular opening of new offices in all corners of the globe and expansion of the processing capacity of data centers.

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