F2pool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

F2pool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Steadily working on the past few years, the outdoor pool, which is well-proven. With a share of the bitcoin mining about twenty percent of it continues to increase its computing capacity. You can use mine and other popular digital coins.

General information


F2Pool, also known as Discus Fich, came to light in may 2013. After running of the service and attract new users it has become one of the largest communities of bitcoin mining. And in early 2014, the pool began to offer services for the production of a number of different cryptocurrencies.

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The project was launched by Chinese investors. For a long time he remained the share leader by can see, but in 2017, gradually began to take positions. However, despite this the service still remains one of the largest pools. By the end of 2017, he may be held in the second position for the extraction of blocks. And even the worst predictions service will hardly leave the top five.



The pool allows you to mine crypto-currencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, ZEC, SC and DASH. His hash rate on bitcoin in recent months is kept at around 829.70 PH/s, which is more than six and a half percent of the total production of the main digital coins in the world. For all time of existence of F2Pool with it was extracted 39,028 blocks BTC that was nearly eight percent of the total.

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For comparison, the "ether" mayare kept service with a speed of 30.4 Thash/s and litecoin with an index of 14.0 Thash/s. The number of empty blocks found by the pool, consistently equal to zero. But their total size is kept at around 1,060,142.


F2Pool one of the first introduced support for the PPS. Currently available in the pool and other systems of payments. And the Commission of the transaction remuneration at the beginning of December 2017 was 32.52 %, which is one of the best indicators among similar services.

Guide F2Pool encourages users to withdraw earned money immediately after their accrual. This is because after ninety days they can be used for development of the system.

Features pool


The main feature of a pool is its openness and ease of working with him. For example, the withdrawal of funds are available even without registering on the project website. The resource itself is F2Pool the worldwide web is available not only in Chinese but also in English. Support Russian at the website yet, but on assurances of the creators of the pool, it will appear along with other European languages in the near future.

Another key feature of the service is stability. During the work, he almost never dropped out of the top five largest pools. Such performance was achieved due to the large number of participants from all over the world and a huge total computing capacity.

And most importantly – the community continues to evolve. Because of this and because of the large investments of the investors, F2Pool and in the future will remain one of the leaders in mining cryptocurrencies.

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