SlushPool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

SlushPool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

SlushPool is one of the first projects for joint production of cryptocurrency. However, he is at the top for five years, despite the emergence of more experienced and financially secure competitors. The project continues to evolve every day, and enlists the support of hundreds of new miners almost every hour of its existence.

General information

SlushPool began its work in January 2012. In fact, he is the absolute champion among the massive pools that managed to lure miners and still exist. Despite all the UPS and downs, the project not only continues to live but is constantly evolving, only by increasing the number of supported cryptocurrencies and increasing the number of users.

Статистика пула slushpool
The founder and one of leaders (or rather, the head) of the pool is Trehzor Marek Palatinus, also known online under the nickname "Slush". This is where did the name of this enterprise. At the same time, the project has become the largest community on the mining bitcoins. It happened relatively recently, after the transition of competitors from Antpool and the like on mass mining Bitcoin Cash and other progressive cryptocurrency.


At the end of November 2017, the year SlushPool is among the top associations of miners. Its overall performance is enough for mining bitcoin at the level of <em "green-text">1.32 EH/s, which is more than twelve percent of the entire chain. PRand the total size of the block for months did not fall below $ 1,050.0 bytes.


In comparison with China's largest pools, the project loses in terms of charging a Commission. Depending on the Protocol, it ranges from zero to seventeen percent. But in this lies the main secret SlushPool. If savvy Chinese from other similar projects take off additional fees where they should not be, then every miner in the community such pitfalls are avoided.

хэшрейт пула slushpool

Features pool

The main "trick" SlushPool is its stability. Despite the rapid changes in the mining of cryptocurrencies, the project leader manages for several years to keep his composure, which brings the miners though not fabulous, but still a profit.

A number of experts notes that the owners of the pool are not in a hurry to succumb to the fleeting innovations, which committed most of these projects managed from China. On the one hand, it's good (sign of stability), but at the same time, it is this attitude (too overcast to make responsible decisions by the management) and can cause complete collapse of the entire enterprise from the more responsive competitors.

At the same time the project website is constantly open to new injections that go in his favor. In addition to Chinese and English, the developers have translated the resource into quite sane Spanish, Czech and Russian. And the connection of thousands of miners from countries whose citizens understand these languages entails a gradual increase in capacity and development of a pool as a whole.

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