Batpool - Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Batpool - Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Batpool – Asian service for mining cryptocurrency, which at the moment is not much known among people on other continents. The management of the company has a policy on the promotion of cryptocurrencies among the inhabitants of Asia, trying to attract more investors from the region.

Pool statistics

All servers are located in Asia. The pool allows you to mine only bitcoin and litecoin (despite the slightly different information on the main page of the site). At the time of writing was produced 445 units BTC and 6506 blocks of LTC. The average bitcoin mining speed is in the range of PH of 29.45 km/h, litecoin – 31,54 GH/s.

The pool paid 3160 "miners", which specializes in mining bitcoins BTC 6363,06, those who mines litecoin LTC 162973,05 (statistics taken from the official site of the pool).

Payments Batpool

The service uses the PPS-method of rewards. The Commission for the withdrawal of mined digital currency — 0%. This is one of the few pools that are running on the system "free fee", which makes it highly attractive (allows you to receive a higher profit), although in most cases, the percentage of the transactions payments does not exceed the level of 1%.

Technical features

The site operates in two languages: Chinese and English. Technical support is available 24/7 in English and responds promptly in solving users problems. It should be noted that online resource is not fully translated. Help section, which contains the main questions about the pool, presented in the form of hieroglyphics.

Multi-mining is not supported.

For ease of production the developers have ensured that the service was available from any device: personal computer, tablet and smartphone.Pool behaves consistently, because of the multi-node system, which means there are servers in different Asian countries.Users appreciate the interface and ease of operation. Statistics is in the form of a graph, which displays information about the blocks (it is also possible to produce the attached table, where you can learn about the detection time of the new block, the mined cryptocurrency, the hash of the block and the amount of remuneration). On the statistics page has data about the speed of production, the total number of mined blocks and paid rewards. There is a possibility to sort the information by type of digital currency).


Asian pool Batpool offers many opportunities for mining BTC and LTC. The advantages of the service include zero Commission on transactions, ease of use, multiplatform, and fast technical support. Among the disadvantages: works only in two languages, the ability to get only two digital currency, absence of multi-hashing. In addition, you can find a detailed description of "Betula" is almost impossible, as to find information about its developers.

Despite the focus on the pool of Asian investors, working with them can be anyone, most importantly, understanding of the mining process and knowledge of the English language.

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