BitcoinIndia Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

BitcoinIndia Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Pool BitcoinIndia service provided by the company Bitcoin India ™ Software Services Pvt. Ltd., servers which are based in India. The company is a leader in the field of cryptocurrency and uses the most modern technology of the blockchain, trying to provide their investors with all necessary that is necessary for effective mining.

History of Pula began in 2014 when the cryptocurrency was known only to those interested in this topic users. In addition to the services of a mining company offers a bitcoin wallet and exchange digital currencies.


At the time of publication of this article users of the pool BitcoinIndia got block 102, which is 0.02% of the total number (502 076). Average speed of production — 30,92 PH/sec. Market share is 0.21%.биткоин в индии

Technical features

Registered users can make the production of six types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Cash, Ripple and Ethereum. Limits on the amount of mined currency do not exist.

All internal operations imposed by the Commission in the amount of 0.1%. Depositing Indian rupees via Bank transfer is not subject to costs.

Information on payments

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 bits or 0,000100 BTC. The payments feature is that the speed of the transaction less than 0.01 BTC is much less than the speed of withdrawals of more this mark. According to the management company to confirm such operations require more time.

At the moment BitcoinIndia does not Bank transfers to accounts in foreignlovatelli. Soon after obtaining a license from FEMA, this option will be available for use.

For the payment of remuneration in the form of a cryptocurrency company does not take Commission. When making a transfer on the user accounts in banks in India in excess of 100,000 rupees shall be imposed by the Commission in the amount of 20 rupees + 0.01% of amount over a specified limit.биткоининдия

On the website BitcoinIndia

On the official website of the Bitcoin India has a special calculator that lets you calculate the profit based on such parameters as difficulty of production (Difficulty Factor), the speed of hashing (Hash Rate) and exchange rate (Exchange Rate), expressed against the us dollar to BTC.

In addition to the calculator on the website provides detailed information on the types of cryptocurrency, which allows you to get a pool. To have the "miners" had less issues, the creators have taken care of the detailed FAQ section provides answers to the most common questions, for example, the commissions system, the process of mining or the company.

To contact technical support by email or through live chat. Communication takes place in English.


Indian pool BitcoinIndia focused on the people of India, can only be used if your reward you will receive in the cryptocurrency, which is going mine.

Service credible because of the leading position in the industry in India, three years of experience and a wide range of services provided to users.

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