Bixin - a Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Bixin - a Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Another large pool from China, the parent company which is also engaged in providing other services related to cryptocurrency.

General information


The company Bixin was founded in 2014. Its headquarters is located in Beijing. Initially, the company provided services for the creation of wallets for cryptocurrency, and is involved in their exchange. Later it got its own pool, which quickly became one of the largest in China.

Статистика пула

According to management, the company in the period from August 2015, the partners were tens of thousands of users of the cryptocurrency. According to the press service of the Bixin statistics, her clients were paid more than 400 bitcoins as dividends. But in General, using the services of the company held more than billion yuan, only a few CNY/BTC.

The project website is available in Chinese and English. It tells about the direction of Bixin not only in domestic but also in international market. According to unconfirmed reports in the next year there will be versions of the resource companies in the world wide web in several languages, including Russian. Also, the online have a mobile version and user-friendly application to access the wallets and control over the mining process.



Starting in the summer of 2016 Poole shows the results, allowing him to gain a foothold in the TOP 15 of such services. Only at the end of 2017, indicators of the project fell significantly. But this is due to a platform upgrade and a refusal to participate in new fork, for example BCC. To some extent, Bixin is a conservative market, prizvani other pools to unite around bitcoin, not sprayed on the new cryptocurrency.

хэшрейт btccom

During the operation of the project have been obtained 4,375 units, of which 1,419 for the last six months. By the end of 2017 (especially in December) the pool hash rate has dropped significantly and is 43.30 PH/s. But the assurances of the owners Bixin is only temporary difficulties associated with the emergence of new forks and a transition to a new hardware and software platform.


The company supports all common methods of withdrawal. But the emphasis is on Bixin attachments mined cryptocurrency in their other services. For example, the purse of the company can be used as a savings account like those, which are opened in conventional banks. The Commission transactions the remuneration of the unit in the pool at the end of 2017 is 18.06 %.

In General, the compensation is carried out very quickly. This process rarely takes several hours, but according to the rules of the pool, the transaction should be carried out during the day since the extraction unit.

Features pool

Bixin is a stable and reliable service that is open to new users. Its only drawback is to focus on bitcoin and the unwillingness to work with his fork and other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, it's even a plus for anyone who is a supporter of the main digital coins of the planet.

Another feature of the Pula is its tight integration into the other services of the company. Client Bixin enough to register on the website, to be able to implement bitcoin for almost all the possible operations, starting from the exchange for other cryptocurrencies and ending with investing or gambling.



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