Overview of a mining pool Statistics and General information Overview of a mining pool Statistics and General information is one of the fastest growing services combines cryptocurrency mining. He belongs to investors from China, like other similar structures in the top segment of the industry. The pool was launched in early 2016 in test mode and in the first months of its existence has been well-proven. It is not surprising that they quickly became interested in the major players in the mining industry.

General information

At the moment the pool is the property Bitmain Technology. It passed into the hands of China's largest equipment manufacturer for mining in mid-2016, along with Blocktrail, who owned the project from the very beginning of its development. It is worth noting that the company BitMaintech under the leadership of Jihan Wu also belongs to AntPool – service, which occupies the first place in the world for joint production of bitcoins and many other cryptocurrencies.

Статистика пула btc.comWith this guide BitMaintech says that their child project develops in its own way, and there is no pressure from the outside. However, it is worth considering that in the future the dominant company can use the pool to their advantage.


At the time of this writing worked with hasraton 1.94 EH/s, what percentage is equal to 18.13 %. The total block size exceeded 1,056,5 bytes, which is considerably higher than other major pools.
The service was one of the first search of original solutions and alternative ways of cryptocurrency mining. It is to supply innovative algorithms that pool managed to mine the first blocks to bypass the original code, which was officially approved by the Satoshi Nakamoto.

хэшрейт btccom

This development alternative software will go only into the hands of the members of the pool. If the chances of production units is increasing significantly.
Guide one of the first introduced to its users a convenient apps and trackers to track earnings from different platforms, including mobile. Thus, each miner working with the service in any moment to see statistics pool.


Depending on the method of extraction of blocks, carries out transactions with the available and affordable payments. The Commission project is constantly decreasing and certainly does not exceed the amount of such payments in comparison with the main competitors.

Features pool

The project is aimed at attracting miners from all over the world. You feel it immediately when you navigate to his website, which is available not only in Chinese but also in English. And the child domain pool supports twenty-eight languages. Albeit that some versions of a resource are significant gaps (apparently, for adaptation were used software translators), but the understanding comes in what direction I want to develop the owners of the pool.

In addition to the tools for collaborative mining on the pool's website is open access to a large amount of useful information that can be useful to casual users or clients of the service. In addition, include international hot liniya.

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