ViaBTC Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

ViaBTC Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

ViaBTC was born relatively recently. But due to a significant infusion of funds and the use of modern technology pool quickly broke into the top for the extraction of the most common cryptocurrencies. And its creators believe that in the future their project will allow to increase the capital of each participant in the program at least several times.

General information

Poole began its work in June 2016 and by September has become one of the largest players in the market. Its appearance and development with the steady increase in production capacity of the project, as well as his closest competitors, owe the investor from China.

Статистика пула viabtc
According to the statements of one of the founders of Poole, a businessman named Yang, Hipo, platform ViaBTC now can boast not only an unprecedented level of user support, but also the highest protection of their assets. And he can believe in the word. After all, ViaBTC one of the first undertook is still before the onset of predictable hard forks to protect the investments of their depositors.


After a rather frisky start in the summer and fall of 2016 pool with varying degrees of success mined blocks until about August 2017. But with the arrival of September and a significant increase of domestic production capacity of the project has significantly increased. He quickly moved to the top of the "wholesale" miners out of the ordinary in the middle of one of the leaders. And, despite a slight decline by year-end, ViaBTC continues to be one of the main earners of key cryptocurrency.

The blocks of bitcoin mining pool second only such top representatives of the industry, like AntPool, BTC.TOP and However, he periodically displaces some of them of the three leaders in finding another unit. This is not surprising with the indicator can see in 1.50 EH/s, which is almost 14% of the total flow. And with zero percentage of empty blocks.


Regardless of the contribution to the overall "piggy Bank", transaction commissions compensation ViaBTC does not exceed fifteen percent. This is a perfectly acceptable figure for one of China's largest pools. However, some internal transactions are made by the leaders of the project for mere pennies.

Диаграмма удачи ViaBTC

Also, the owners ViaBTC not afraid to attract new users through a variety of promotions and loyalty programs. For example, at the end of November 2017 each new miner, regardless of his place of residence, was a nice new year surprise.

Features pool

The project supports the five most common cryptocurrency (including bitcoin, litecoin and "broadcast"), which has already become famous all over the world. The pool's website is now officially available in Chinese and English. But you can find mirrors, translated to Russian and other European languages.

But the main "chip" of a pool is its openness and availability. Chinese investors are trying to attract new miners in various ways. And overall it will only benefit the project as a whole.r />

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