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Bounty campaign • How to make money on referral program ICO

Bounty campaign (from the English. Bounty campaign award campaign) is a simple way to make startups popular. A little startups can afford a full advertising campaign. Usually limited to posts on Reddit and BitcoinTalk in the native language to help the project financially. In recent years, more startups to Finance use ICO primary sale of coins. Before the start of the project everyone can purchase tokens — primary domestic currency of the project, which can then be exchanged for services in the project or to sell. Many investors are buying tokens for the ICO to a year or two to sell several times more expensive.


"Fly or not fly?"that's what the investors think before buying tokens. The founders understand that many fans do not want to risk own money. So why not exchange the tokens on my free time, which we appreciate as highly as money?

Bounty — reward

The user will receive a reward if you help to advertise the specific ICO. The project can have its own rewards, but usually it all comes down to repost, translating, and writing original texts. The reward of actions depends on the number of subscribers in social networks and the quality of the material. Sometimes a good meme ranked higher than boring analysis of the mechanics of the project — read the rules of awarding.

Developers allocate a good budget on the bounty campaign.the right way to interest the greatest number of people. The reward for each action is defined directly in the token or in the bet (stake) of the total budget. For example, for reposts allocated 100 tokens, repost worked 10 employees, cost repost — one rate. If nine did repost, and the tenth made more than 11 posts, the total number of bets — 20 (9 + 11). Therefore, the total number of tokens is divided into 20 parts. The first 9 uchatsnikov get 45 tokens (5 tokens for the one bid), the tenth receives 55 (he earned 11 bets). The more you do and the less competitors you have, the higher your reward.

Payment tokens takes place after ICO. When the tokens are sold out and no advertising in the world will not be able to increase their number, the founders begin to consider the productivity of the bounty hunters. Reposts are counted, assessed the quality of posts and the reach is determined by the benefit that the user brought to the project. Rewards are credited to your inner balance in the personal account of hunter.

Earnings on the Bounty

Earn bounty campaigns just. You need a good knowledge of English, more or less popular accounts Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bitcointalk and other similar sites. Find interesting ICO read section Bounty and listening to the requirements. Usually the position for the next:

  • Social media (reposts, likes, subscriptions)
  • The content (texts, videostory posts in a personal blog)
  • Mail (newsletter subscription)
  • Transfers (post, Whitepaper, presentation)
  • Reference (people are registered in the project for your reference)


What to do for increase in earnings? It is necessary to increase the coverage of their social networking — find new friends and followeres, improve your English and draw attention. Translate articles and post them on popular sites, write more posts, moderated threads on BitcoinTalk etc. We will make your job easier and will post information about new projects with the ability to capitalize on Bounty campaigns.

"Does paying..."this is an inappropriate question. The bounty hunter will pay in tokens which will gain value just after ICO. The more people you have involved, the higher will be assessed earned tokens. Why not halturte, write quality content and do not dilute subscribers bots! It is in your best interest to deliver quality work.