The AllSpark is a blockchain platform for trading content.

The AllSpark is a blockchain platform for trading content.

The company AllSpark developing blockchain platform for creating, distributing, and selling of content. The platform will consist of a decentralized trading platform and a mechanism for evaluation of content. As a means of payment, the system uses a cryptocurrency tokens AllSpark.

Blockchain AllSpark created based on network Wanchain and uses the algorithm of consensus delegated proof of stake (DPoS). Blockchain Wanchain was chosen for two reasons:

  • It has functions to ensure the confidentiality of transactions.
  • Supports firewall trade.

The company has also developed a mechanism of storing data in a distributed database, according to which large blocks of information are divided into smaller and then distributed across different servers.

The content will be possible to encrypt using the private key. In addition, the platform is open for third-party developers on its basis it is possible to create decentralized apps and software interfaces. To do this, the company will provide a template to support standard functions:

  • E-wallet.
  • Download content.
  • Assessment of the content.
  • Terms of the transaction.
  • The request for the data.

To publish a content Creator, you need to install it the price is through the trading mechanism. After that, the buyer can respond to the application and to by downloaded file. To assess the quality of the content, the user must pay 1% of the value of the file. Thus, the nodes of the network will not just confirm transaction, but also to verify the quality of the material.

At the moment the AllSpark company works as a mediator between advertisingmi agencies and media platforms, Baidu, Facebook, Google, Tencent and Linkedln, her annual income is estimated at $1 billion. Firm is one of the largest content providers in China, it publishes daily 7 thousand files. Thanks to an extensive customer base AllSpark will be able to offer content creators a good income, and advertising agencies a range of options for ad placement.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the startup plans to launch a network Mainnet and application with built-in cryptocurrency wallet and functions for trading content. By the end of 2019 , the firm intends to bring on Board 30 million users and provide some new decentralized applications.

In sum, developers are going to release 300 million tokens AllSpark (ASK). 40% of them will be sold during the ICO from 23 July to 15 August. Coins can be bought for Ethereum, 1 ASK is $0.2330. Also has a program of Airdrop in which the startup gives to everyone at the 20 tokens for free. To participate you need to fill out a form and subscribe to the channel the AllSpark in the Telegram.

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