Curaizon blockchain health care system.

Curaizon blockchain health care system.

Curaizon project aimed at creating an innovative ecosystem health. Blockchain platform consists of three elements:

  1. Curaserve.
  • Allows family members to monitor the treatment process.
  • Provides organizations with health care patient data in real-time.
  • Sends notification to patients about the course of treatment.
  1. Curaview.
  • Interacts with other health systems.
  • Updates the data about the patient.
  • Maintains medical records in electronic form.
  1. Curadata.
  • Gathers important information.
  • Stores only the necessary data about patients.
  • Access to information you can get for tokens CuraToken.

System Curaizon collect data on patients and stores them in encrypted form in the cloud. With this information the doctor can prescribe the optimal medication and monitor the patient's condition online. The research organization will have the opportunity to use patient information in their work.

Platform Curaizon will reduce the cost of treatment due to the following factors:

  • Fast and accurate determination of diagnosis. With the help of analytical tools of the system will increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.
  • The ability to manage the course of treatment remotely. When the patient requires the attention of medical personnel, the system will automatically send notifications to the attending physician. Information about the patient's condition will be analyzed in real time and allow the person to heal by myself and thus avoid hospitalization.
  • Reducing the risks of deterioration of the patient. With the help of analytical instvehicle the system will determine the condition of patients and send that data to the doctor. The doctor in turn will be able to intervene and prevent further worsening of symptoms.
  • An advanced control system treatment. Doctors will have access to comprehensive data about drugs, their side effects and will be able to choose the optimal mode of the medication.

Platform Curaizon will consist of three different applications:

1. Patient Dashboard (the app for patients).

2. Provider Dashboard (application for health care workers).

3. Healthcare Dashboard (application for employees of the health system and research organizations).

The developers have released their cryptocurrency - tokens CTKN, they can be used as payment for the services of the platform. 50% of coins will be implemented in the framework of the ICO from 1 June to 8 September 2018. From June 25 to September 8 is stage 4 public sale 1 CTKN costs $0.2, you can buy coins only for Ethereum. The minimum purchase amount is 5 thousand tokens CTKN ($1000). Also there is a bonus program - every buyer will receive 5% from the amount of coins bought as a gift.

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