EO.Trade – blockchain financial platform.

EO.Trade – blockchain financial platform.

Company EO.Trade develops blockchain financial platform consisting of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet and trading system derivatives. It will be possible to buy, store and exchange as cryptocurrency, and Fiat currency. In addition, the exchange will be presented to precious metals, oil, stocks of large companies.

EO.Trade includes:

  • Trading platform ExpertOption combining digital assets, Fiat currency, stocks, and various commodities.
  • The crypto EO.Finance, support 20 cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange EO.Trade.
  • News portal EO.News.

ExpertOption has a built-in shopping tools, videos, guides, and supports over 30 payment means (including Bitcoin). Currently released mobile app and version for personal computer. For trading platform you need to open an account with one of 7 base currencies (USD, yuan, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, baht, won and Dong). Other Fiat currencies are accepted as means of payment, however, they are converted to one base currency. Also, the platform allows you to create an account on the basis of EO token coin.

In cryptocurrency wallet EO.Finance added the following functions:

  • Buying digital assets for Fiat currency.
  • Withdrawals in Fiat currency.
  • Storage such as Fiat and cryptocurrency.
  • The opportunity of payment for goods and services.
  • 50% discount on Commission when you pay Coin tokens EO.

Cryptocurrency exchange EO.Trade offers clients several advantages:

  • Access to new alithina.
  • Hokaya liquidity.
  • A referral program.
  • Quick account verification.

Blockchain projects will have the opportunity to add to the exchange of the pair with his cryptocurrency after passing inspection, during which the EO staff will assess the potential of a digital asset. In addition, the company will conduct voting new altcoinswhere you will be able to participate all community members.

The project has produced 1 billion tokens EO coin standard ERC20. From 2 July to 31 August is on its third phase ICO, tokens can be bought for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash, 1 EO costs $0,20, the minimum purchase amount is $100. All unsold coins will be destroyed.

Tokens EO can be used for:

  • Buying crypto currencies on the platforms EO.Trade and EO.Finance.
  • Account token-based.
  • Payment of a fee.
  • Purchases of goods and services from the partners of the company.

The launch of the platform EO.Trade scheduled for December of 2018!

The distribution pattern of coins:

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