ICO Virtonomics is world famous game

ICO Virtonomics is world famous game

ICO Virtonomics is a world famous game is an advanced business simulation games. In contrast to the "Cash flow" or "Monopoly", here, everything is tied to the earnings of cryptocurrency. The game server was launched in 2009 and since then it has attracted the attention of millions of users. To the next step of the developers has pushed the need to the blockchain to create a decentralized unique platform with its own token VIC. Buy it during krautsalat will be for 85 cents.

Offers many ways to earn. This bounty program, paying for the services of interpreters articles, reviews and videos on startup. At the same time a campaign in social networks, where support also promise to pay.vicoin обзор

Why should you invest? Idea created ten years ago, passed the test, acquired a huge army of fans. The probability that this implementation using blockchain technology, will be a failure exists. But the chance is slight, given the massive interest, stimulating activity of the team.

Country of registration – Russia. Working in the network of Ethereum and funds can be received in the same crypt. Pre-sale was successfully held in November – December 2017. On the first day managed to sell 7% of the proposed virtual coins. The main stage of the camp will be held in February – March 2018. Only issued 800 million VIC-tokens.

All team members are known. Organizer: Sergey Menshikov, co-owner – S. Morgulev, occupying the post of technical Director. Help them Michael Rachlew and Denis Zhuravkov.

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