Weicrowd - blockchain trading platform.

Weicrowd - blockchain trading platform.

Weicrowd is blockchain trading platform for the sale of tokens. It consists of seven key modules:

1) WeiLauncher - fully automated platform for the public sale of tokens, which has set several functions: automation of smart contracts, holding Bounty campaigns, control panel, tokens, tools for the analysis of the ICO, an interactive module for documentation.

2) WeiFolio - tool for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio.

3) WeiCubator incubator for blockchain projects with a team of developers, experts in marketing, consultants and advisors.

4) WeiX - cryptocurrency exchange (only supports cryptocurrency pairs).

5) WeiScrow - decentralized escrow system that holds the funds of the participants of the ICO. The Deposit system consists of cold crypto and smart contracts, which specified the terms of money transfer to manual startup in accordance with the roadmap of the project.

6) WeiCap platform to attract additional funding. This will apply to those projects which failed to obtain the minimum amount of funds (the Softcap).

7) WeiScore algorithm platform, comprised of more than 60 factors, using the technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Let us consider that the platform offers cryptologist.

ICO projects:

  • Create a white paper using ready-made templates.
  • Generate tokens and smart contracts in a few hours.
  • Multi-currency wallet with support for digital assets and Fiat currencies.
  • Newsletter advertising aboutobyavleniy.
  • Access to legal services.
  • A full range of post-ICO-service - commencement of trading in tokens on cryptomeria, the development of a product prototype.


  • Evaluation of investment risk with the index WeiScore.
  • 5% discount on the purchase of cryptocurrencies in the case of payment tokens WEIS.
  • The ability to automatically buy or sell coins with arbitrarily assigned parameters.
  • Free conversion tokens.

The company plans to produce 300 million tokens WEIS. They can be bought during the ICO from 15 may to 13 September 2018 year Ethereum or Bitcoin, 1 WEIS is worth $0.10. At the time of writing (July 28) is equal to 1 ETH 7090 WEIS, 1 BTC - 84520 WEIS, the minimum purchase amount ETH 0.1 or 0.01 BTC. Public sale is divided into 5 phases, during phase 3 (from 14 July to 13 August) on all purchases of tokens covered by the bonus 20%during phase 4 (from 14 August to 12 September) - 10%.

The distribution pattern of coins:

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