Bitfinex review of the exchange - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Bitfinex review of the exchange - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

The crypto currency exchange Bitfinex the beginning of its activities in 2012 and for the six years ended in one of the largest players in the market. The company is registered in Hong Kong, which already gives it a number of advantages over similar services.

On January 1, 2018, the users to make trades was available for 22 of the currency pair; the exchange works with all popular cryptocurrencies in the world: bitcoin, litecoin, the Ethereum and drugimi. From Fiat the same means of payment traders can use American dollar and the Euro. Cryptocurrency trading turnover fluctuates at around 77 thousand BTC a day

About the features of exchange Bitfinex

The exchange website Bitfinex translated into several major languages, including in Russian. However, Russian traders have repeatedly complained about the presence of a huge number of mistakes in Russian texts. Despite this, the presence of clear language, draws on a great number of experienced crypto "traders".bitfinex

The crypto currency exchange Bitfinex gives you the ability to carry out normal trading digital currency and use the tool of margin trading. In this case, the user at the time of trading hopes, and their own funds, and those funds that are allocated to him by the exchange as leverage. Its size is equal to 3.3 x. It means that if you own 100 dollars, you can carry out operations in the amount of $ 330.

The original idea was to give users the opportunity to lend to traders. If for some reason you don't want now.with to trade yourself, you can transfer funds to other users under a certain percentage. The presence of passive earnings repeatedly approved multimillion audience platform

Advantages and disadvantages of the service

As with any project, regardless of its orientation and scale, Bitfinex has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The presence of the Russian language. Russian interface will have to taste, as traders from Russia and CIS countries;
  • An increased level of security. Exchange developers scrupulous protection of the accounts of its users, therefore, subject to the recommendations and rules, you can be rest assured about the safety of their funds;
  • Large selection cryptocurrency pairs. Exchange works with almost all current types of digital currency, which gives ample opportunities for profitable trading;
  • A rich selection of financial instruments. Bitfinex offers traders a large selection of tools to successful trading than stock exchange differs from many competitors;
  •  Mobile application. The service developers also took care of a mobile solution, giving the possibility to trade with the help of smartphones.


  •  Verification process. Verification can be complicated by the fact that exchange takes copies of your personal documents in English only;
  •  Commission fee. The Commission for the conduct of transactions on Bitfinex higher than the same resources. In addition, if you want to withdraw funds in us dollars will have to pay $ 20 + 0,1% of output.

How to Deposit funds on exchange Bitfinex

The best way to refill on the Hong Kong stock exchange — to use cryptocurrency. First, such operation will not be subject to an additional Commission fee. Second, it does not require verification of. If you want to use for depositing Fiat money (e.g. us dollars), then get ready to pay a fee in the amount of 0.1% of the Deposit (minimum $20).

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