Bitmex - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Bitmex - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex is among the most major shopping areas, with the size of daily turnover of over a billion dollars. An important advantage of the exchange stands an impressive leverage, i.e. the possibility of operating by amounts many times exceeding the amount of equity capital.

The exchange appeared in the 2013 year and is registered in the Seychelles. The platform has multi-language interface and works not only with dozens of digital coins, but "Fiat" currencies, particularly dollars and yenami.

Among the main advantages of stock exchange experts:

  • The ease of registration without the mandatory verification of your account.
  • Huge daily trading volumes;
  • High leverage;
  • Access is trading on a price reduction.

Environments weaknesses of a trading platform stand out:

  • Limitations on the number of cryptocurrencies;
  • Access I/o exclusively in Bitcoin;
  • Unusual interface.

The process of using exchange Bitmex overall standard and doesn't differ from work with other platforms.

Usage instructionsbitmex

In the first place on the stock exchange must register with your name, E-mail and create a password. No confirmation of insertion of registration information from customers is not required. Activate user account by following the link sent to the mail client.

To work on the stock exchange must will precedeexclusively to Fund the account.

  • Depositing funds is only possible in Bitcoin.
  • For the transfer you want to find the address to which you want to invest. This movement is accomplished by the following commands: "Login" (click on box) – "Account and security" - "Balance" "Deposit" (click on field). After this, the user is given the address for depositing funds. Minimum amount of replenishment is 0.0001 Bitcoin.

Trading operations

To go directly to trade users need to navigate to the "Trade". Next is to choose from the options interested in currency pair. One of the features of Bitmex stands trade derivatives, i.e. contracts, each of which has a cost of 1 dollar. To buy or sell cryptocurrency, you must purchase a contract in the amount of the cost of the desired amount of digital currency. In fact, the difference in trading activity from other sites is minimal.

Clients site offers only two types of orders: limit and market. In the first case, the trader specifies the price and volume of cryptocurrencies, and in the second case the default is the market price. After entering all information just have to choose the direction of the transaction and confirm its completion.

Analysts say that the exchange in the first place should be interesting for traders that prefer to trade in large volumes, as well as players who are actively using leverage.

Plus platform supports a high degree of reliability, confirmed by the absence to date of facts of breaking the trading platform by hackers. The presence of a completely Russian interface, uproset the use of the exchange.

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