Bittrex - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Bittrex - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency marketBittrex known to all a huge selection of currency pairs; 1 Anura 2018, the number had reached 268 units. Traders can use a combination of 197 altcoins, some of which are virtually unknown to the General public. And although these figures can not be called a record, they are really forced to talk about Bittrex how about a major player in the cryptocurrency market.

The platform began in 2014. Initially the team was to create a common service for the exchange transactions, but the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies around the world changed their plans, and they decided to launch a full-fledged platform for trading.

According to one of the analyst firms Bittrex ranks fourth according to the turnover of a bitcoin; the share exchange represents about 7-8% of the total world trading. Among the most popular in the token service is to provide ReddCom, BTC, NEO, Ethereum, Bitcoin and other Cash.

Features of exchange Bittrex

For all types of orders on the stock exchange (Maker, Taker) is a single Commission — 0,25% of the amount transactions. This is a significant difference from other similar services, where maker orders, when a user adds liquidity to the exchange, the Commission from 0% to 0.15%. It does not matter, the trader adds liquidity Bittrex or withdraws it, the fee will remain constant. bittrex site

In 2017, the exchange has introduced new rules for customer verification. Those who joined the platform before January 8, 2017, had the opportunity daily output amounts up to 0.025 BTC; for all other withdrawals without going through the verification process impossible. It's enough to get the "base verification".

The site is only in English. Are there any development plans to translate the interface into other languages are not yet known, so if you want to register on the stock exchange Bittrex have to pull up the necessary knowledge.

As one of ways of protection of personal data and the means used double authentication. Without its activation it is impossible to withdraw funds. In addition, the developers have taken care of these methods as the "white list IP address" and access the platform through the API keys.

A good degree of protection say multiple DdoS attacks, which, it should be noted, did not bring the attackers no result.


  • Large selection cryptocurrency pairs;
  • A high degree of protection;
  • Connected to the marketplace Votfix;
  • High liquidity due to large trade turnover;
  • Simplified verification process of users.


  • A complex system of work with orders, with which beginners, trading problems can occur;
  • The lack of functional graphs;
  • No tool of margin trading;
  • A single Commission for all types of orders;
  • There is no opportunity to top up (or withdraw funds) with Fiat cash;
  • The lack of Russian interface;
  • Not has an affiliate program.

How to Deposit funds on exchange Bittrex

Account replenishment takes place in special section "Wallets". Here is stored all information about the operations of Deposit and withdrawal. As mentioned above the program is not designed to work with Fiat.

To buy the necessary tokens, opposite to one of them press the "+". Next, the program will generate and display you identificato of the purse you want to do the translation. The procedure is very simple and does not differ from the same process on other exchanges, so if you are new to the cryptotrading problems occur you should not.

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